About Skene Soft

With the advent of the year 2000, we at SkeneSoft will be at the frontier of
the mobile computer game market, which is presently inferior to PC game market.

The mobile computing game market is expanding rapidly.  Mobile gaming is
becoming a mania!  Corresponding with this trend, we are developing PDA games mainly focusing on the excellent interface merits of the PDA.

Skenesoft wants to activate the PDA game Market, we are developing new games continuously.

AncientRed is our first product.  It's a result of our engineering staff's
efforts for one year along with lots of spirit and dedication.

We at SkeneSoft guarantee to provide you with different kinds of PDA games,
constantly, surpassing the limitation of hardware.  Also, we will do our best
to promote the PDA game market in the new Millenium in order to meet our
customer's demand.

Thank you.

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